About Me

I completed my PhD in Politics & International Affairs at Northern Arizona University (NAU) in June 2017.  NAU is located in Flagstaff in Northern Arizona.  It’s a beautiful but fast-growing mountain town that makes it so much easier to study and still get enough fresh air. My research interests are rooted in International Relations theory and Genocide.  I am particularly interested in indigenous experiences during the settlement of the North American continent. I am originally from Germany, where I have lived in literally every corner of the country.  During my childhood, I have experienced many political changes and struggles, which certainly have shaped my worldview and my interest in political science.

In 2004, a scholarship from the Federation of German American Clubs (VDAC) provided the funds to study abroad for one year at NAU.  This is where I experienced one of the greatest teachers in Political Science and decided that this is the program in which I want to earn my graduate degrees. In 2007, I graduated from NAU with my Master’s degree in Political Science.  Since then I have worked for Coconino County, a local non-profit, and The W. A. Franke College of Business.  Inspired by another great professor and teacher at NAU, I finally decided in 2012 that it was time for me to return to the department of Politics & International Affairs to pursue my passion for political science in the PhD program with the clear intention of studying genocide. I am anticipating the completion of my dissertation by summer 2017.