My complete Curriculum Vitae.


PhD – to be conferred May 2018
Politics and International Affairs, Northern Arizona University
Dissertation Title: Tools Of Ethnocide: Assimilation And Benevolence In Native American Boarding Schools.
Areas of Concentration: international relations, genocide studies, crimes against humanity, indigenous issues
Master of Arts in Political Science
Northern Arizona University

Masters Program
North American Studies, Minors in Political Science and Social Psychology
Georg August Universität Göttingen, Germany

Zwischenprüfung in North American Studies
Equivalent to Bachelor of Arts
Georg August Universität, Göttingen, Germany

Alvarez, A, Kunze, S. (forthcoming, 2018). Indianer, der Holocaust und die Frage des Völkermords in Deutschland und den USA. Akademie für Politische Bildung

Kunze, S. (forthcoming, 2018). Book review: This Benevolent Experiment. Indigenous Boarding Schools, Genocide, and Redress in Canada and the United States by A. Woolford. The Social Science Journal

Kunze, S. (2015). Colonial Genocide in Indigenous North America. The Canadian Journal of Native Studies35(1), 190.

Kunze, S. (2008). Stamp Act of 1765. Encyclopedia of the First Amendment (pp. 1012-1013). Washington, D.C.:CQ Press.

Kunze, S. (2008). Ginsberg v. New York (1968). Encyclopedia of the First Amendment (p. 512). Washington,D.C.: CQ Press.

Working papers
The Benevolent Perpetrator
Discipline and Punishment in Native American Boarding Schools
Poisonous Pedagogy in Germany and American Native American Boarding Schools
Content Analysis: Documents of the Bureau of Indian Affairs

Research experience
Oversight of Undergraduate Research
Supervision of undergraduate research assistant, hired with my grant money to assist with the evaluation of my dissertation data.
Dissertation Research
Primary source research at the National Archives and Records Administration (multiple locations) and evaluation of data.

Research Assistance                                                                                                                      
Environmental policy research for publication; Dr. John Hultgren
Native American tribal government research for publication; Dr. Michael Lerma
Analysis and Translation                                                                                           
Genocide Resource Project: Analysis and translation of cartoons from Der Stürmer, a German propagandist news publication during Second World War.

Teaching experience
see Curriculum Vitae

Conference Paper Presentations
Upcoming: 2017 American Society of Criminology Meeting                                                                            
Presenter, “Genocidal Perpetrators: Towards a New Typology for An Old Crime”  (Philadelphia, PA)
Upcoming: Northeastern Political Science Association                                                                   
Presenter, “Benevolence In U.S. Education Circulars (1897-1909)”  (Philadelphia, PA)

Southwest Symposium on Teaching & Learning
Attendee; E-Learning Center, Northern Arizona University
Western Political Science Association – annual conferences
Presenter, “Social Impacts of a History of Indigenous Boarding Schools”;
Co-Presenter, “Barriers to Anti-GMO Legislation in the United States”  (Las Vegas, NV)
Presenter, “Methods of the International Criminal Court” (Seattle, WA)

American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences – annual conference   
Presenter, “Discipline and Punishment in American Indian Boarding Schools”  (Las Vegas, NV)

Western Social Science Association – annual conferences
Presenter, “Discipline In Boarding Schools” – Reno, NV
Globalization Literature” – Portland, OR

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