My research interests revolve around genocide and perpetrator studies, Native American politics, and international relations (globalization, political economy).

Particular attention is devoted to the perpetrators of mass atrocity crimes, i.e. in ethnocide, as well as genocide. Who were these people who committed such crimes and how did they become involved? In ethnocide the perpetrators appear to differ in interesting ways from perpetrator typologies.

Native American topics and international indigenous experiences are central to my research on ethnocide and its perpetrators. Indigenous populations have experienced ethnocidal violence specifically during times of colonization and early globalism. How do these developments interconnect and create victims and perpetrators from seemingly benign interactions?

Colonization and globalism play an important place in International Political Economy and are the foundation of many conflicts that result in mass atrocity crimes. Perpetrators, mass violence, globalism, and political economy – each are facets of international politics and at the core of my research agenda.